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June 2, 2011 3 comments

Author: Meghan O’Brien
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
ISBN: 9781602822276
Available in print and digital formats.

Urban Fantasies are really popular at the moment. I promised myself I wouldn’t read another for quite some time, but it’s like telling a chocolate addict to stay away from the Godiva – she’s going to fail every now and then, and sneak a truffle here and there.

I have read O’Brien’s work previously, and do enjoy her writing style – she knows how to write passion really well, and I do not recommend reading her books in public (unless you want everyone to know exactly what you are reading).

Wild is no different. It’s very steamy, and the sex scenes are frequent, and quite erotic to say the least. Storywise, I can’t say it’s original but O’Brien writes well, and you can forgive this since the story is quite engaging.

Be warned, there are scenes of attempted rape and serial killing is a theme explored in this book as well as victimization, but it all lends to the drama and tension in the story.

The ending is tied up neatly, but I can see it open for a sequel. With urban fantasy being such a huge market at the moment, I would not be surprised at all if O’Brien follows it up with a sequel. This was a good read for me, and if she did decide to follow it up, I am interested enough in the characters to want to read it.


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